How do you discover what jellyfish are in the water without taking a painful and potentially deadly swim?

The Jellyfish App has revolutionised the reduction of this risk and in doing so is helping us understand more about the world’s jellyfish.

When world jellyfish authority Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin met Launceston businessmen Neil Johnson and Ian Goninon on a long-haul flight she never thought they would have devised a life-saving smartphone app before they landed. The theory was solid, the expertise was in place, now all they needed was someone to turn their brilliant idea into reality.

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A rewarding experience.

To take Dr. Gershwin’s incredible depth of knowledge on jellyfish and distill it into a seamless and user-friendly app, we started where most people finish - the end-user! Once we understand what someone wants from an app, our design organically flows, from the user’s need to the app's interface and ease of use.

The results were a simple and intuitive app that allows people to quickly find nearby jellyfish before entering the water, and identify what species are present and their potential risk. By using geo-locational and communications technology, users can also geo-tag and upload any mystery jellyfish they encounter for Dr. Gershwin to identify.

Connecting the real world to the digital through informed design has helped us save lives and severe discomfort. By engaging people and encouraging the app's use through social media and a website, we continue to grow our knowledge of jellyfish around the world.

Jellyfish Ipad
"Walker Designs were chosen by ourselves for reasons apart from being cost-effective, it was their attitude toward the task, their genuine desire to produce works of quality and professionalism and in this case the commitment to work through a process that in some design aspects has never been achieved before. The Jellyfish App allows the user to interact with the worlds leading authority of a species from any location in the world within a feature of the App and get real-time response. This idea of ours was only made possible by the lateral thinking of Walker Designs."
Neil Johnson, Chairman, The Jellyfish App Pty Ltd
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