Great design isn’t an accident.

"I believe the power of design lies in its ability to solve any problem. You’ve just got to apply the right thinking."

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Hi, I'm Graeme Walker... Welcome to Walker Designs.

We’re explorers, creators, believers, problem solvers and most importantly - doers.

Everything we do has a specific goal in mind. It’s done with intent, passion and a drive to help you reach your potential. We can solve any problem with the right thinking, the right mindset and the right strategy in place.

Transform your business with Walker Designs.


"Why" is the foundation of how I think and impacts everything I do.​ We all have the ability to achieve great things in our lives – and, for me, it starts with asking "Why". Asking "Why" and being inquisitive​ is​ embedded throughout Walker Designs and is the philosophy that the company is built upon.

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Our journey is one of discovery, defining and designing a better future - our home at Chalmers is an inspiring example of this. Our strategic approach is all about driving compelling outcomes.

We don’t settle for mediocre... and you shouldn’t either.

We believe that in order to find the right solution, you first need to understand the problem - and then apply the right thinking.

This is what we like to call… Success by Design.


"Chalmers is Design Thinking in action. It's an expression of my belief, passion and the power of design."


To be surrounded by inspiration visit us at Chalmers

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