Old Walker Designs
"People thought I was crazy… all they could see were the problems… but all I could see was an opportunity to do something truly unique and inspirational".

The challenge was to introduce a contemporary feel to the space, while doing justice to its heritage. So Graeme and the team at Walker Designs made sure that every single aspect of the space was considered - that nothing within Chalmers came about “by accident”.

Because great design isn’t an accident.

This is now a unique space that fosters inspiration for anyone who walks through its doors.

After visiting Chalmers, you can't help it - you feel different. You understand how innovative, functional and spirited design can solve even the most complex of challenge.

Board Room Walker Designs
Casual Meeting Room Walker Designs
Entrance Walker Designs
Foyer 2 Walker Designs
Foyer Walker Designs
Pool Room Walker Designs
Staircase Walker Designs
The Wall Walker Designs
Training Room Walker Designs
Waiting Room Walker Designs
Work Area Walker Designs
Sure there would have been easier options… but Chalmers fits the Walker Designs way – embrace insane challenges and create something significant and inspiring.