Wayfinding encompasses more than just signage.

Airports are living structures teeming with life 24/7. And with that life, comes personality.

When asked by Launceston Airport to help them upgrade their facilities we saw it as an opportunity to transform not just their brand, signage, and buildings, but to give the airport an entirely fresh identity. By approaching the airport as a living entity, we began to see unique insights into how form and function affect those that use it every day. We took these insights and got to work.

Launceston Airport Wayfinding 3

We looked at the existing customer experience of how people move around Launceston Airport and injected our ideas and designs with the emotions people associate with airports, to make the experience more 'human'. Emotions such as the joy of reunion or the bitter-sweetness of parting ways were integrated into the physical space itself. Not only did we achieve a successful brand shift for the airport and countless industry awards for excellence, but more importantly, we actively engaged airport patrons whilst making them feel more at home.

Launceston Airport Dp 3B
"Our passenger's experience needs to be memorable in both ambiance and service. Through the provision of available, clean, and uncrowded facilities that work, intuitive signage and wayfinding, as well as friendly service from our team, we enhance the visitor experience and leave a lasting impression."
Michael Cullen, Manager – Commercial & Business Development, Launceston Airport
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