A 'wholistic' branding approach.


The Ballarat District Nursing & Healthcare Group (BDNH) has been delivering nursing and community care throughout the Ballarat region for over 100 years. The organisation first approached Walker Designs with their new name and 5-year strategic plan in hand, looking for a partner to help them position the BDNH Group and promote the company in a highly competitive market.

With significant changes on the horizon, within the health and community sector, it was time for BDNH to revisit its corporate identity and develop a more substantive brand that emphasised their values and differentiated them from their competitors.

Shared understanding

For success and growth, it's essential that all your efforts are aligned and steering towards one destination. We worked closely with BDNH Group in further clarifying their vision and purpose, understanding their long-term strategic directions, and reflecting this throughout the branding process.

Bdnh Group Logo 2

"The Walker Designs team were always accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. Constantly providing us with the support and guidance we needed throughout the rebranding process."

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Connecting BDNH Group’s ‘Why?’ to its end users.

A focus on BDNH Group’s core values, in addition to insights gathered from our research about the company’s target audience segments and their specific communication requirements, was instrumental to the design and development of the successful logo and tagline combination.

Through purposeful enquiry and observation, it became apparent that the BDNH recent name change was, on its own, insufficient in conveying the organisation’s brand promise. A new logo was hence developed to better resonate with the company’s end-users.

Bdnh Group Brand Scheme 1
Bdnh Group Brand Scheme 5
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Creating a cohesive brand to convey greater value.

With a new logo and tagline in hand, branding elements were rolled out across all corporate identity and marketing collateral, including a contemporary website. Through a new consistency in messaging, the refined brand echoes BDNH Group’s commitment to the delivery of outstanding services, reinforcing their brand promise at every opportunity.

Bdnh Group Annual Report Spread 1B

Designed for positive impact.

True to our 'design thinking' approach to solving business challenges, rapid prototyping was utilised throughout the design of all marketing collateral, including the website. This involved user testing with key stakeholder groups such as carers, admin staff, nurses, and clients.

As a result of our focus and empathy for the organisation’s end-users, the brand has been embraced internally and received warmly by BDNH Group's clients. The new brand energised the organisation to further pursue its mission in supporting its clients’ independence and wellbeing, all in the comfort of their own homes.

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"It has been a pleasure working with Walker Designs on our rebranding project. They took the time to get a real understanding of the heart of our business and our vision for the future. They hit the brief perfectly, breathing new energy into our brand. They have given us the image and tools to be a strong contender in an increasingly competitive marketplace."
Mandy Macdonald