A redesigned website needs a digital strategy.


Tasbuilt has been building custom homes in Tasmania for over a decade. They represent a unique approach, in that they can custom manufacture homes on site before delivering them anywhere in Tasmania.


The result of this is a quickly and efficiently built home, standing out in an industry not known for speed or efficiency.

Tasbuilt knew that a digital strategy for their recently redesigned website was an important component of their strategic marketing plans.

Tasbuilt Homes Web Graph

After the launch of their redesigned website Tasbuilt agreed to our suggestion of on-going monthly maintenance. We knew that this investment from Tasbuilt would allow us to work to our strengths and spend the time needed each month to examine user data and make strategic design and content recommendations based on Tasbuilt’s business strategy and goals.

Later, with the launch of their social presence, and recognising the value of monthly maintenance and reporting, Tasbuilt requested the same for their Facebook channel.

Tasbuilt Homes Sheridan Brochure

How we built website traffic.

Walker Designs provide Tasbuilt with a monthly analytics report, but more than that, it is in the interpreting of the data and making of recommendations for improvements that value is realised. The results are seen by both an increase in website traffic and conversion to enquiry by website users.

From the client side, Tasbuilt feedback to us on the quality of the leads they receive through the website and together we tweak processes to make sure the calls to action and website design and messaging is right for their target market.

Tasbuilt Homes Website

Opening up social traffic sources.

Social channels are a very important source of website traffic. Pushing your social followers onto your website where strategic design works to convert them into enquiries is an important function of social media.

In the last year Tasbuilt has tasked us with the set up and community management of their Facebook page. Using our recommended social, and content, strategy we have worked with Tasbuilt to grow their Facebook channel.

Since we started we’ve seen an increase in traffic on the Tasbuilt website from their Facebook page by 400%. Some months have seen 4% of their website traffic coming from Facebook alone, which is quite a lot for a website which sees a more than comfortable 5,000 sessions per month.

As Tasbuilt’s social presence and strategy is still quite young, we comfortably predict that these statistics will continue to grow comfortably over the next period.

Success by Holistic Design.

Walker Designs also works with Tasbuilt’s offline promotional design requirements. This thorough and consistent approach fills the gaps, and provides a holistic marketing solution where our design expertise combined with their commitment to engage their market has resulted in their message being communicated at a high level.