For many websites, the biggest challenge is providing relevant and valuable content to their users. For Tropical Coast Tourism, that content required integration with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) into their online map.

Tropical North Queensland is a unique part of Australia, and with the recent upgrade of the Tropical Coast Tourism website map, they now offer a dizzying amount of attractions for visitors to explore.

Visitors will spend more time browsing thanks to an easy-to-use map with colour-coded filters and an integrated Google map interface. Using only the most current data provided by the ADTW, you can find accommodation, food, and heaps of information about the area. Each map point links to a full page with plenty of information as well as related attractions.

This integration solves several problems, preventing the need to recreate and update attraction information as they are now automatically updated, ensuring they remain a useful resource to potential visitors.

Tropical Coast Screen