Tasmanian Mountain Waters knocks on our door for packaging design and a new partnership begins…


Once upon a time there was a man with a dream and natural spring. Jason knocked on our door looking for some urgent packaging. Thus the first professionally designed packaging for Tasmanian Springs was born, as was a new partnership between this innovative client and Walker Designs.

Tasmanian Springs Header 2

The sophisticated packaging style of the Tasmanian Springs brand makes it ideal for use in hospitality and high-end retail, when making an elegant impression is essential.

Tasmanian Springs Bottles A

A truly collaborative journey which inspired the creative process.

Since their humble beginnings Tasmanian Mountain Waters has proactively monitored the success of their products by seeking industry and consumer feedback. They've used their information to transform their brand, appeal to new markets and enter new distribution channels.

Tasmanian Mountain Waters have been transparent with us in communicating their business strategy and vision, which has been inspiring and resulted in our ability to create design led solutions to their business challenges. We've thoroughly enjoyed creating a strong and differentiated brand presence for Tasmanian Mountain Waters and their subsequent premium brand, Tasmanian Mountain Springs.

Tasmanian Springs Boxes

Tasmanian Springs makes a big splash overseas.

Tasmanian Mountain Waters, is now being sold and distributed in China to great success. Our lasting partnership with Tasmanian Mountain Waters offered us the pleasure of being involved in the strategy and design of proposal documents, trade show displays and marketing collateral. In creating design for the Asian market we have brought forth imagery and messaging that showcases Tasmania’s beautiful natural heritage, reinforcing the perception of the Tasmanian environment as pure, safe and healthy, something that is very desirable to Asian market.

With a premium and refreshing style, the Tasmanian Mountain Waters brand is perfect for consumers who desire an appealing and distinctive water.

Tasmanian Springs Brochure

We know what’s next but you’ll have to wait and see…

With such a trajectory of success over a relatively short period of time it is hard to believe that more could be just around the corner for Tasmanian Mountain Waters, but a renewed focus on increasing Australian distribution and expanding their product range has had us excitedly creating new designs, which we can’t wait to show you…. But shhhhhh…..You are going to have to watch this space for a few more weeks yet.