Stratex is a market leader in environmental protection systems with a service area spanning all of Australia. When the unrelenting tide of the mobile-friendly web threatened to overtake them, their instinctive response was, of course, to contain the spill. Instead they have embraced the wave and, working with Walker Designs, emerged with a fresh understanding of what their customers want and a clarity to their direction.

Meeting online customer expectations meant a nimble mobile-friendly website was required.


Planning of the upgrade was driven by the insights we gained from analysing end-user browsing trends. Key improvements include:

  • Products are now easier to find and more engaging
  • The site is faster to browse, both in speed and navigation
  • Updated quoting system is fast and easy to manage
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is built in to every element

Stratex Main 1


With no single physical location for the business, the Stratex website is the main point of contact for their range of industrial clients. Their reputation for excellent customer service has flowed into a completely overhauled online experience, which better reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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