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St. Lukes Health have won many accolades for their customer-centric products and service, but their sign-up forms and system were complex, cumbersome, and causing data inaccuracies.

Their online system was forcing many of their Customer Care Team to sign new customers up using older paper-based forms. We reviewed their existing system and paper forms in order to develop a completely new, integrated system that not only provided better efficiency for St. Lukes Health but provided their customers with a simpler and better experience when signing up.

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A perfect fit for purpose.

We designed a solution for both the St. Lukes Health team and their customers alike, through simple to use and streamlined web forms. These forms are easier for the staff to use and so simple customers can easily fill them out themselves online. These forms aren't just simpler but far more secure, accurate and facilitate an almost instantaneous sign-up process that integrates with all of St. Lukes Health's existing back-end IT systems.

Rolling this same solution into an app allows St. Lukes Health's on-road team the same flexibility and simplicity, whether online or not. The secure mobile app allows St. Lukes Health's on-road team to sign-up new members and identify potential leads, as well as the ability to assign each sign-up (or partial sign-up) to the salesperson or reassign them to other members of the team.

Evolving an easier way.

Even though St. Lukes Health's new sign-up system is a success in simplicity and integration, we are always looking for new ways to make it even better for both staff and customers. By taking feedback to evolve and fine-tune the system, we’re confident St. Lukes Health's customer base will continue to grow and be happier.

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