They are a dramatically more modern firm, but from the outside how would anyone know?


Law firms get a bad rap in popular culture, often being portrayed as severe, suit-wearing professionals in wigs. The previous rae & partners brand did little to correct this image. Far from traditional, rae & partners has seen significant growth recently with the advancement of a new generation to senior positions and a revised focus on innovation and efficiency. They are a dramatically more modern firm, but from the outside how would anyone know?

Shared understanding

Our meetings with their leadership group identified a disconnect between external communication and internal philosophies. The previous brand positioned rae & partners as traditional, not recognising their work to become one of Tasmania’s most progressive and dynamic firms.

Rand P Log0 1

The modus operandi

To express rae & partners' primary motivation of being a clients’ advisor of choice, we stripped back the logo entirely, removing any 'fussiness'. This straightforward approach was further conveyed through bold yet precise typography. Strong primary blue, lowercase text, and striking layout result in a logo that is solid as well as approachable and contemporary.

Although the full Rae & Partners firm name has been retained, we developed the 'r&p' iteration for use as a more informal alternative.

Rand P Ad 1A

A commitment to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas and energy into the legal profession in Tasmania should carry through to a revised identity.

The Verdict

The new brand and its usage are outlined in a Corporate Identity Manual, which provides a set of standards to ensure consistency across all marketing communications. This identity manual is an essential tool to maintain the integrity of the new rae & partners brand.

This new brand is striking and a much better fit for a market-leading contemporary law firm, with a much clearer reflection of the rae & partners approach. Not a powdered wig for miles!

Rand P Cover 2
“Walker Designs understands our vision, realising the effort we put into creating a bright future for our firm. The new brand confirms our strong direction and is already in place in our Launceston and Devonport offices.”
Mel Kerrison, Director, rae & partners