The Great Walks of Tasmania combines the best of the guided walks from operators around the state, each with their own brand and style. They required to have their logo revamped as the initial stage of a total rebranding for the group, which promotes ‘over 300 of the most beautiful kilometres on earth’ to the rest of the world.


The logo in symbol, colour, and style reflects the essence of the Tasmanian wilderness and the freedom the walker experiences in it. It incorporates button grass as a central theme, which is synonymous with every walk in Tasmania. If you drew a map of Tasmania around the heads of the button grass you would roughly see the positions of the walks.

As a showcase of the walks, we produced a booklet highlighting their specific and unique natures. The walks featured vary from easy to challenging, with accommodation from basic through to luxurious. With stunning photography and useful information on each walk, the brochure is a great place to start looking for your next big Tassie adventure.

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