Independent food retailers operate in an increasingly competitive environment with savvy customers who have extremely high expectations. This awareness drove Food Marketplace, a beta project, to approach Walker Designs to apply some design-thinking to their online presence.

Their fantastic idea is connecting food retailers like cafes, restaurants, and fruit and vegetable growers to their local customers, and it has already proven a win-win. The service has begun empowering smaller food retailers to compete with larger corporations.

The initial promise was hindered by slow performance, with an outdated website design that didn't speak to their market.

Our developers were first able to re-engineer the existing web framework to get some real performance gains; then we tackled the visual design. The look-and-feel of the website was completely modernised, with new navigation and eye-catching imagery that showcases the core services and a streamlined interface to make every task easier.

The news site now provides an excellent platform for growth and has been cloned for use in the USA.

The final piece of the puzzle was to create a custom animation that highlights the benefits of their services. Check it out below!