During the design process on the recent restructure of The Bonney Group website, it became obvious that Caltas (the Tasmanian distributor of Caltex products) would not be able to service the needs of its client base. The services they provide, such as access to 24-hour fuel stops, retail promotions, and bulk fuel distribution to name a few were nearly swallowed up by its parent company. As a well-recognised and proudly Tasmanian company, Caltas required its own brand and promotional collateral.

The potential to stand out.

To ensure the brand was performing at its best, all Caltas collateral received consistent treatment from their revised website to their flexible marketing kit, resulting in a much stronger brand presence in the marketplace. This brand redevelopment needed to respect both the links with its distribution of Caltex products, as well as its parent company 'The Bonney Group'.

Promotions can be managed with ease on their new mobile-friendly website, and 24-hour fuel stops can be located easily around Tasmania with a new interactive map.

The new branding and marketing kit is scalable and flexible, allowing it to be easily adapted for Caltas's sister company 'Bonney Energy' based in Geelong.

Caltas Flyers 1