Starting something special, with a clear vision and purpose.


The simple act of enjoying a cup of chai latte in New York inspired Martin Buggy and Melissa Edyvean to start an amazing business venture in 2005. Bondi Chai is the Gold Standard in chai latte. A silky-smooth creaminess and 'almost addictive' taste. From small beginnings, this brand has become an Australian success story. Walker Designs is proud to have been on this journey with Bondi Chai from the start. From logo design and packaging to marketing collateral and an award-winning website, the partnership has been fruitful.


Walker Designs needed to create a positive and consistent first impression with distributors, retailers, and café owners, along with consumers over all possible touch-points.


As the brand has grown, Walker Designs have evolved Bondi Chai's positioning through packaging, print collateral, and a new website to enable the brand to access new markets.

Bondi Chai Top Image

A bold new approach.

Building upon the newly developed core brand message “my taste, my drink, my moment” the new website focuses on the Bondi Chai experience. Our aim was to capture the energy of this rapidly expanding brand, projecting a fun, free spirit with plenty of delicious texture. Stepping away from the traditional, the design reflects the nonconformist attitude associated with the brand and balances product information with detailed imagery and video content.

Integrated social media and testimonials add legitimacy to a layout that elegantly adapts to the user's screen size. The website encapsulates the essence of the brand perfectly.

Providing the product to larger supermarket chains required a bold new packaging approach to ensure the product stood out. This was achieved through the use of striking colours and minimal clutter in the design, complemented by the use of metallic foil stock.

"...the logo has ALWAYS and universally impressed – I don’t think we’ve heard a single bad word about our logo... ever! ...our cut-out business card is probably being replicated around the world by dozens of people who were SUPER IMPRESSED by its design. ...our website might be a design winner, but much more importantly it has always been a business winner for us!"
Martin Buggy & Melissa Edyvean, Directors, Bondi Chai
Bondi Chai Laptop

Building ongoing success.

Success continued for Bondi Chai with a win in the NSW Micro Business of The Year 2014 in the annual Telstra Business Awards. Every day someone, somewhere in Australia now orders a Bondi Chai Latte every 3 seconds. Bondi Chai is sold in countries all around the world, even in India itself.

The initial Bondi Chai website was the 2013 AWIA State Winner (National Finalist) - Commercial Website.

We’ll leave the final words to Bondi Chai:

"So take another bow guys – if we’re able to reach the top shelf, it’s only because we’re standing on such tall shoulders!”
Martin Buggy, Director, Bondi Chai
Bondi Chai Melissa