An aspiring world class mountain bike trail needs a world class website.


Blue Derby, an initiative of Dorset Council in Tasmania, needed to elevate their existing website to showcase their unbeatable mountain bike trails to the world. The growing popularity and recognition of Blue Derby as a one-of-a-kind destination has resulted in The Enduro World Series selecting Blue Derby as their 2017 home.

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“They say them goat tracks they’re building up in them hills are world standard!” barks Derek, the sole customer of the Dorset Hotel at lunch time on Wednesday. “World standard!,” he shouts with the enthusiasm of the half-deaf once again, “whaddaya think?!”
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Careful consideration of the Blue Derby audience led to the perfect promotion.

The Blue Derby website is aimed at tourists and locals looking for a unique place to mountain bike, to incite excitement and encourage exploration it takes advantage of the wild views that abound in the region. Each of the 17 trails include interactive maps, PDFs, and altitude graphs to equip visitors with confidence to tackle what is on offer.

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Off the trail the site showcases the unique local environment and makes it easy to browse the areas many highlights. Visitors looking to find local food and accommodation options will see the variety available in the region, and have the option to quickly pinpoint exactly what they are looking for.

The action and life that runs through the trail network is evident on the Blue Derby homepage, visitors can check current weather conditions, read vital trail stats, and browse a feed of recent social media photos. The result of the project is a singularly unique destination that encapsulating the excitement of exploring this remote yet beautiful region of Tasmania.

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Positive outcome for Blue Derby and for local towns.

A knock-on effect of the success of Blue Derby has been an explosion of tourism in this and surrounding areas. The popularity of the trails has allowed riding enthusiast to discover the historical mining towns in the area, which had suffered economically after the closing of mines and rail system in 1992, boosting the local economy.

The website was also awarded the prestigious Grand Diemen Award in 2015 - Digital Category.

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