Look through the collateral recently created for the 60th celebration for Bell Bay Aluminium and you'll see more people than shiny ingots of aluminium. Why? Because core to the heritage of Bell Bay Aluminium is the connection with several generations of Tasmanians. The plant workforce, their families, and the community; their faces tell the story of the last 6 decades at Bell Bay Aluminium.

We worked with the passionate team at Bell Bay Aluminium to develop a comprehensive suite of branded material that encapsulates the last six decades. A 10 meter feature wall installed that illustrates their growth from a small clearing in the woods to a sprawling state of the art industrial complex that supplying aluminium products globally.

Other elements include banners, DVDs, and online and print promotional material for their Open Days with a highlight being a singularly unique invite for the stakeholder nights.

All of the collateral is underpinned by the connection and commitment that Bell Bay Aluminium has to its people, the community and the state.

Bell Bay Aluminium 60th birthday