The goal for the new Agfest website was to modernise both its design and functionality.

The design of the site reflected the need for a responsive experience that caters to people away from their desktops. The rest of the site was built with the state-of-the-art features you would expect for an event of this scale.

One of the unique features built specifically for this site is the 'Intelligent exhibitor application system', which collects exhibitor applications electronically. This system creates significant savings in time and management over the previous method of manually re-entering paper forms. The new system is designed to limit the questions based on exhibitor answers, reducing the time investment from them and avoiding confusion. Based on user experience, we allowed for applications that can be halted and re-edited at any time.

The result is a simpler, more accurate system that provides huge benefits for Agfest.

Agfest Screensb