“At heart I’m still a student of creativity and design thinking. I am constantly challenged by the idea of what can be created, so I’m forever immersed in studying the next big thing. At Walker Designs we love opening the doors to big ideas that better our lives, the place we choose to live or work and our broader community.”

Graeme Walker, Director, Walker Designs

Design thinking
Success by Design

Walker Designs are believers in design thinking. Design thinking, at its core, is the knowledge that great design is not just about visual appeal – it is a considered approach to problem solving at every stage. Design is a powerful strategic tool, proven to give a strong return on investment. We believe intelligent, collaborative creative and strategic, integrated design can surprise and delight. Exceeding expectations improves sales, profits and, ultimately, the brand equity of your business. We believe in success, by design.

As Bondi Chai’s Martin Buggy says, ‘Great design doesn’t just win awards (however well-deserved) – far more importantly, it wins business.’

We have a growing number of case studies and testimonials to illustrate this fact. And we’re not the only ones who understand the importance of design – there is a strong body of evidence from international business leaders showing how design thinking enhances corporate outcomes.