Graphic design is not just about creating something aesthetically pleasing. At the core, design is strategic. It positions companies and products, creates emotion in your customers, and it all starts with... ‘why’.

Walker Designs’ creative team have inquisitive and curious mindsets capable of offering different perspectives towards effective solutions.

The collective experience we bring to the table enables rapid exploration, delivering practical, yet innovative solutions to projects of all sizes.

A user-centric approach keeps us focused on delivering design concepts that entice your end users.

The skill of our diverse design team is evident in the broad and award winning work we produce.

Design not only wins awards, it wins business.

Award winning package design

Understanding of your market allows us to design packaging which stands out from the noise, and is picked off the shelf, resulting in money in your pocket.

Designing for print

Stunning books, corporate profiles and simple flyers, graphic design comes in many shapes and sizes. We create award winning print design, across the mix, with the end user in mind.

Environmental and wayfinding signage

Signage has more than just a directional or decorative purpose. We design signage solutions which inspire, reinforce brand, and create action.