We help enhance your marketing capabilities by engaging Walker’s team of creative, business, and marketing experts in an informative workshop-style setting - we call it 4D.

It ensures the whole process is collaborative, from initial planning right through to how your end-user is going to feel when they experience your product or service.

Our team is able to facilitate this by using Design Thinking techniques; empowering you to ask the right questions, think outside the box, and challenge assumptions.

4D Stages

  • 01.

    Explore and challenge your assumptions, discover the questions you should be asking and gather the data.

    Walker Designs team members work with you through this process to gain insights and understanding.

  • 02.

    Identify and define the real problem by analysing data and reviewing findings.

    With a the problem and desired outcomes clearly defined, a framework is set for the next stage.

  • 03.

    Considering and exploring a number of possible solutions to the clearly defined problem.

    Our best ideas are then carried through to the delivery stage.

  • 04.

    The best possible solutions are brought forward and prototyped with an iterative approach involving end users.

    Are you willing to challenge your assumptions? Contact us today.

You’ll have face-to-face access to a hand-picked team - carefully chosen for their unique skill sets. They’ll lead the collaborative workshop and ultilise the 4D process that we’ve created through our expertise and experience.

Once you’ve collaborated with us through 4D you will find yourself applying the process and mindset to many areas of your business and personal life.