Search Engine Optimisation

Website tune-ups that get your site humming.

So you’ve just launched your super-duper website with beautiful web design and the latest HTML5 web technology but when you go there all can hear is sound of distant crickets chirping.  Why? Because you’re the only one on the site. 

Most people these days turn to the web when looking for product information.  If your site does not rank well for searches for keywords relating to your products, you are missing out on potential business. Not just that, this business is going to your competitors.

We offer a range of services aimed at increasing the search engine ranking of your website. We will research and select a number of keywords for your site and optimise pages around these keywords. We can:

  • Optimise your website’s content.
  • Research keywords and pick the best keywords for your site.
  • Structure your site so that pages relate well with each other.

Our copywriters can write articles for submission to online publications with backlinks to your site or to be hosted on your site.

As well as search engine optimisation, we can also conduct regular web analytics and reporting to provide updates on how your site is performing. We will then feed this into our regular search engine optimisation activities to ensure that we focus on the methods that are most effective.


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Search Engine Optimisation Services by Walker Designs