MODx Content Management System

A revolution in content management.

Most websites these days have a content management system (CMS).   A content management system allows you to update the content (i.e. the words and images) on your website.  The content management system that Walker Designs uses is called MODx Revolution and we reckon it is the easiest CMS around.

MODx Revolution uses a text editor which allows you to format your text with similar tools to those in Word.  You can create new pages, delete old ones and move pages around.  You can easily add images, documents and hyperlinks to your page.

MODx Revolution has a whole bunch of plug-ins which allow us to extend its capabilities.  We will add in a site search bar which allows your visitors to search your entire site for what they’re looking for, add custom forms, neat slide shows and much more.

We are able to create some quite complex menus — combining thumbnail images and text — if we need to.  But at other times, it is best to keep things simple.


If you want an easy to use content managed website, contact us to discuss your options.



MODx Content Management System Services by Walker Designs