Exceptional results through better customer understanding

Client: Performance Waterjet

Project: Website

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Watching pressurised water slice through blocks of solid steel is mesmerising.

Performance Waterjet has experienced strong growth in demand providing these systems internationally. They partnered with us to develop a website that would translate this product excitement into better customer relationships aiding future growth.


Performance Waterjet Video

Starting with user-centric design

Our initial meetings identified the key areas where customers could be better served. We looked at their existing website traffic data to find visitor trends and closely examined their CRM to gauge integration possibilities.

The insight we gained helped us focus our approach and clearly define our targets.

First, new visitors need clearer info on the benefits of their waterjet systems. Second, it would be easier for clients if they could access spare parts through an online shop.

Designed for understanding

To solve the visual and structural issues, our designers translated detailed product data into interactive graphics that illustrated key features of waterjet systems.


Performance Waterjet Systems


With the groundwork done for product integration, our programmers moved to smoothly integrate their existing product database into the new ecommerce solution.

Visitors now come away with a better understanding of the advantages of waterjet cutting machines, and they now have an experience that sets them apart from Performance Waterjet’s competition.

Well managed product integration cut down the amount of time required by the client to manage their online shop. Important client relationships were preserved through membership features in their shop, contributing significantly to their mission of exceptional customer service.

“We are getting a lot of positive feedback from our clients on the website, and it is proving to be a great sales tool – whether it be talking a prospective customer through the machine features or downloading user manuals.”

When redesigning the Performance Waterjet website we set out to solve their customers’ problems. Our user-centric approach helped us to create a powerful ecommerce system that allows their customers to experience the same level of excellence they expect from this innovative company.


PWJ website