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Client: Dorset Council

Project: Dorset Council Website

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Located in the north east of Tasmania, the idyllic pastoral landscapes, rugged mountains, sparkling coastline and diverse forests that make up Dorset cover 3,200 square kilometres. Dorset Council provides community services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness, and has earned a reputation for being progressive and proactive.

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The Dorset Council Vision Statement is: a vibrant community of natural living for today and tomorrow. This vision needed to be reflected throughout their communications, and in particular their website.

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When Dorset Council approached Walker Design with the mission of redeveloping their website we were excited by the opportunity. Large amounts of content, a varied user base and a desire for a striking and contemporary design required a considered and inventive approach.

Strategy for Dorset Council


We responded with a modern mobile first design featuring a uniquely tailored user interface based on user categorisation system. The interface allows users access to the most relevant content via a number of pathways, streamlining the number of clicks and reducing the time taken to find information.

The site includes:

  • Responsive design with a mobile first approach
  • User categorised interface to quickly direct users to relevant content
  • Secure members zone
  • Council document portal
  • Council news
  • Calendar of events


So far the new site has been a great success with overwhelmingly positive feedback from both inside and outside the council. We enjoyed the intricacies of the project immensely and look forward to working with Dorset Council to continue the development of the site as an information hub for the area.


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