We are competitive but playful, driven to independently explore the limits of our own chosen discipline.

Out of the box thinking is encouraged and fostered through internal workshops. The sharing of ideas and inspirations happens here, on both a formal and informal level. Design thinking is not just something that happens at work, our sense of curiosity is universal. Learn why design has the ability to solve any business problem.

Just as we support the growth and development of each other towards professional and personal goals, we also support the growth and development of local community groups.

Meet the team

  • A Graeme Walker Walker Designs

    Graeme Walker

  • Jodie Walker

    Jodie Walker

    General Manager/Business & Operations Manager
  • Boris Petrack

    Boris Petrack

    Creative Director
  • Vincent Hendriksen

    Vincent Hendriksen

    Studio/Production Manager
  • A Heath Walker Designs

    Heath Jones

    Client Services Director
  • Nick Lancaster

    Nick Lancaster

    Web Team Leader/Senior Print & Digital Designer
  • Marcus House

    Marcus House

    Senior Developer & Programmer
  • Karine Cadoret

    Karine Cadoret

    Account Executive
  • Chris Lawrence

    Chris Lawrence

    Programmer & Copywriter
  • Cameron Lowe

    Cam Lowe

    Senior Designer & Developer
  • A Katherine Hagenbach Walker Designs 1

    Katherine Hagenbach

    Senior Print & Digital Designer
  • Matt Mercier

    Matt Mercier

    Digital Developer
  • A Claire Schouten Walker Designs

    Claire Schouten

    Print Designer
  • Glen Adams

    Glen Adams

    Senior Print & Web Designer/Developer
  • Tina Ciezki

    Tina Ciezki

    Senior Print Designer