Web re-design builds from the brand out

Posted on December 20, 2016

Our approach to website creation and web re-design builds from the brand out and offers strategic consideration aimed at delivering measurable results.

Our dedicated team includes designers who posses a deep understanding of UX design as well as programmers with expertise in complex integrations on multiple CMS platforms.

Our team offers a unique approach to improving website performance, which begins with an understanding your industry, the state of the market, and your particular business point of difference to align your online and offline marketing goals.

Time to assess

Ensuring your website is well maintained will help keeping it
effective for longer. With ongoing maintenance, your site content will
remain relevant and help you sustain ongoing client engagement.

The process

We’ve identified 3 crucial factors that may affect how your website ranks in the year ahead and beyond.

  1. Your website needs a responsive web design that displays properly on all screen sizes like desktop, mobile and tablet.
  2. Your website needs a secure https protocol because Google prioritises secure websites in search ranking. Also, who wants their site to be prone to hacking?
  3. Your site needs new & fresh content. When's the last time you looked at your website with the eyes of a potential customer?

Is your website ready for 2017?