Tranex + design thinking = The Barrow Light

Posted on August 07, 2016

If you’ve been following us through social media you know we’ve been exploring design thinking, the method for developing innovative solutions that has gained immense traction recently.

We often notice products or services created by our clients which are excellent examples of design thinking and inspire us in their effectiveness. We’re highlighting the Tranex Barrow Light as an example of a truly successful solution to a costly, inefficient and dangerous problem.

A problem during road works is ensuring the safety of the crew. The setup of any temporary traffic control equipment can be dangerous, and team members on stop and go duty often need to stand in the path of traffic, increasing the risk they face. A Barrow Light eliminates that danger, shortens time and dramatically lowers the cost for providing safe road work services.

A Google search for portable traffic lights returns unwieldy and boxy structures, unlike the smaller Barrow Light system which fits easily into a ute tray. The small size allows the Barrow Light to be wheeled out and set up by one person. A far simpler and more cost-effective solution than was previously available on the market. For these reasons Tranex's Barrow Light is a huge success throughout Australasia.

See the Barrow Light in action

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