Walker’s bring Design Thinking to Launceston

Posted on November 16, 2016

On Tuesday November 15th Walker Designs founder and owner Graeme Walker held host to 80 members of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and Start Up Community to reveal what he's learned in Design Thinking, as well as Walker Designs plans to hold Design Thinking workshops at Chalmers, the 157 year old church Graeme rescued from dilapidation back in 2011.

Design Thinking, as seen on the cover of publications such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes and practiced by some of the world’s most successful organisations is used by designers to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions. The methodology can be applied by anyone to any situation.

Graeme gave a brief overview of his journey into Design Thinking while members of the local business community looked on. In attendance was David Schloeffel, national designer advisor with the Federal Government Business Support Initiative -Entrepreneurs program, a lecturer at RMIT Masters program, and co-author of “designing your business to win” and many other published works.

David has previously described Graeme’s affiliation with and natural talent in Design Thinking in the following words:

“Graeme has a natural feel for design iteration – it’s just part of him. He could never really articulate what “it” was – he just knew he had it and when he utilised it clients loved the work and got results.... Yet he still couldn’t put his finger on “it”. That all changed a while ago when he was introduced to the Design Integration Program and the Simon Sinek video. It was like a cloud was lifted and Graeme could see and understand what the basis of “it” was – design thinking... Graeme is uniquely placed through his background and his style to totally reposition design as not only accessible to everyman, but as a vital part of a successful (business) life.”

Walker Designs has been a stalwart of the Launceston Business Community for over 20 years and are well placed to become Design Thinking leaders in their industry and community.

Interested in Design Thinking?

You can speak to Lisa or Karine at Walker Designs about how to organise a Design Thinking workshop to address specific business challenges right now on (03) 6341 1800 or email lisa@walkerdesigns.com.au or karine@walkerdesigns.com.au.

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