Walker Designs The Jellyfish App

The Jellyfish App

We’re working with the world's leading expert on jellyfish to build an app that will enable people to discover, identify and learn about amazing jellyfish species from around the world.

Articles on “the most deadly jellyfish” may be just a Google search away, but this doesn't come in an easy-to-use and portable package. As a tool for travelers, this app will be the go-to option for preparing for any potentially dangerous jellyfish encounters.

jellyfish app

App Features:

Nearby Jellyfish displayed on an Interactive map

Quickly IDs most Jellyfish species

Learn about dangerous Jellyfish

Helpful summary of first aid options for specific Jellyfish stings

In addition to these features, there will be a section of frequently asked questions about jellyfish and an “Ask Dr. Lisa” section for sending photos of mysterious jellyfish that defy classification. All of this is done in-app, in a beautiful and simple manner.

The Leading Expert on Jellyfish, Dr. Lisa Gershwin

The key to this app is the extensive knowledge of Dr. Lisa Gershwin, a truly unique and inspiring individual with boundless passion for sea life. Dr. Lisa has made an impressive career of studying a range of marine invertebrates, she’s also a published author and has delivered two popular TED talks, on the potential for a dangerous rise in jellyfish population.

Bringing the App to Market, and Helping Save Lives

The aim for the project is to make the world of jellyfish accessible, with information that can help save lives. To be successful, the app has to generate income capable of sustaining a strong development lifecycle.

Unlike some immortal species of jellyfish, apps have a lifecycle. As usage increases, users weigh in, and their activity helps to shape the roadmap for updates to keep it relevant to the market. Viability is a big consideration when the journey of creating an app begins.

The Jellyfish App will be downloadable for iOS or Android devices later this year in either a paid option or the free ad-supported version.

More To Come...

As development of the app continues we'll keep balancing design and technology with core of the idea to ensure viability of the project. Success in the app domain requires a different mindset than other projects, and we'll be revisiting the story of The Jellyfish App and touch on this more in the months to come.