Walker Designs How Google’s recent ranking update may affect your website.

How Google’s recent ranking update may affect your website.

Your inbox may already have been filled with gloom and doom about a recent update in Google’s ranking algorithm, and what it will mean for your site. Search Engine Optmisation (SEO) companies are actively fanning the flames and claiming you immediately need to update your site to mobile-friendly or be relegated to the backwaters of the web. The truth is that at this stage significant changes have yet to occur. That being said, it is hard to avoid the fact that the future is going to be a far more mobile world. Read on to learn what the update means, and the best way to tackle it.

What this update means

According to Google, mobile-friendly websites will rank better in results on mobile devices. Another important note is that a recent announcement by Google stated that in 10 large countries (including the US and Japan) mobile search queries have already surpassed desktop.

  • If your site is not mobile-friendly you will eventually start seeing less mobile traffic finding its way to your site as your ranking may diminish.
  • If your site is mobile-friendly you may see an increase in ranking and possibly traffic, with your site appearing higher than your non-mobile-friendly competitors.

This update certainly affects some businesses more than others. If your market is primarily business-to-business you might see little change in your traffic patterns (so far our walkerdesigns.com.au traffic has not changed noticeably).

What can you do?

It appears the days of mobile-as-an-option have finished. This is why every website we have built for the last few years has been created as mobile-friendly. If you want to be visible in the future you need to be mobile.

If your website is not mobile-friendly you can, of course, fix it with a redeveloped site. This obviously solves the primary issue, but can also deliver other benefits to your business, such as:

  • An updated design that aligns with your market
  • A better ROI with more targeted features
  • A site that is easy to use for your visitors and easy for you to update

Don’t panic

It isn’t all doom and gloom – as we mentioned, Walker Designs have not seen any significant changes in our recent client analysis results. There is time to take a thoughtful, data-driven approach to making updates to your website.

The Best Solution Involves Looking At The Bigger Picture

What every business can and should do is look at their site’s traffic from the larger perspective, not just from the standpoint of mobile-vs-desktop. Ranking is determined by many different factors. While mobile-friendliness is clearly an important consideration, it might not be the one that gets your customers to call you.

The reality is a small business should aim to be in the first 20 Google results for relevant search terms.

One thing we recommend to our clients is having a Website Traffic Analysis done on their site. We have developed this service to take the 'mystery' out of Search Engine Optimisation, along with providing useful insights to deliver higher quality traffic.

This holistic analysis is different than off-the-rack “SEO reports”, as it is a broad look at how your website attracts new visitors, communicates to your existing visitors and, most importantly, recommends improvements geared towards encouraging these visitors to take action.

These recommendations (and actions if required) provide data-driven insight as well as design-thinking to evolve your site into a powerful and effective online marketing tool .

Designing success

With a broad range of successful clients, we have found that there is no simple formula for creating the ideal site. Knowing your visitors and understanding your point of difference allows for the development of a website that succeeds on your terms. Great sites evolve. By periodically looking at your traffic and making informed changes, you can adapt better to your market and deliver the best possible results from your investment.

Test your site today with Google's own mobile-friendly tool to see if you are potentially going to miss out on traffic. If you would like to move forward with redevelopment, or if you have questions about your current website traffic, contact one of our experts at Walker Designs to discuss a solution which will work the best for you.

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