Cripps immortalises ANZAC legend.

Posted on September 16, 2015

Cripps continuing the tradition by releasing the new ANZAC series.

Established in Hobart in 1878, Cripps Nubake manufactures and distributes a large range of baked products including bread, crumpets, rolls, buns and muffins to the Tasmanian market. Their renowned Shortbread and Anzac Biscuits are distributed nationally throughout Australia.


New packaging for the Cripps Nubake Anzac biscuit tins required a tailored design solution which would commemorate and show respect for our ANZAC veterans, with each tin being unique and displaying an ‘aspect’ of the ANZAC spirit.


We spent considerable time researching and developing the concept and imagery for each series, and within those, each tin individually, to highlight a particular story or theme. It was considered imperative that each tin should have a strong, authentic personality.


The first designs include Navy, Air Force and Army varieties, and the second series commemorate Australia’s sacrifice in World War I. Close consultation with Government bodies and the Australian War Memorial was required for the use of content and imagery (many thanks to photographer Rob Tuckwell for use of his statue photography and to the Australian War Memorial for the historic images).


A major hit among shoppers, results have shown a 27% increase in sales along with a 47% increase in value. These results are strengthened by the fact that the tins have become genuine collectors items.

“The initial sales of these have exceeded expectations with many customers returning to purchase numerous times. In fact, initial sales have out stripped our annual sales of shortbread tins.”

Stephen Harvey, Cripps Nubake Pty Ltd

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