Walker Designs A bold change from work to purpose

A bold change from work to purpose

We met Casey Smith when he was behind the lens of a real-estate photo shoot of our old office.  A few months later Casey was working with us to build a website for his Family Portrait Business: GenX Photography.

After several months building his client base in family portraits Casey realised that it was photographing family pets that he really enjoyed. After scanning the Launceston marketplace he saw there was potential for offering something unique. No one in Launceston was offering pet photography with his skill or passion.

It was then that Casey was back into Walker Designs eager to refocus his website to pet photography.

A redesign wasn't required, instead we worked with Casey to revise his content taking special care to make effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) revisions. In a proactive marketing measure Casey began working closely with the RSPCA, capturing imagery that would not only promote his work but help put pets into homes around Launceston, a true combination of work and purpose.

Visit GenX Photography and you’ll see how busy Casey has been capturing extraordinarily vibrant imagery of family pets. A #1 Google rank for pet photography is a nice bonus for identifying, and then filling a niche in the market.